The Ideal Time to Go to Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a remote place in Indonesia’s West Papua. It can take some effort and time to arrive there, so you will want to be capable to dip as far as possible for the times you’re there. Deciding on the time of year with the very best diving conditions will provide you the better chance of dives. Let’s talk about what is the ideal time to go to Raja Ampat and the reason why. The Weather. When you are booking a trip to tropics dive sites like Raja Ampat, the weather will, without doubt, be among the first things you consider.

The tropical weather keeps the temperatures the exact same year round. You may expect highs in the low 30 C and lows in the mid 20. Which implies that the water temperature also sits around 28-29C as well, which is ideal for diving. The one thing to be concerned here is the weather conditions which may vary from island to island. The islands have their very own microclimates that will be quite distinct from the weather station in Sorong.

One thing to consider if you’re thinking about travel at Raja Ampat in the rainier months of June – September is the end. The seas may get choppier currently of year, and people who suffer from sea sickness may want to book another time. The rougher seas may also be harder to manage for divers. Experienced divers may opt to dip in Raja Ampat currently for years because many liveaboards stop their tours during these months. This implies dive sites all to yourself! The strong currents in some portions of Raja Ampat are the life force of the marine ecosystem and with no diving would not be quite as spectacular.

Nevertheless, they need to be respected, and divers should be ready to utilize safety sausage and a reef hook. Your dive guides in Gangga Divers will check the currents and ensure each dive is best for your ability level. There are plenty of dive sites accessible from Papua Paradise that choosing an alternative dip is never an issue. The currents have a tendency to remain the same during the year, so this is not a lot of concern when planning a trip.

However, the more choppy water from the rainy season, the more challenging for divers. So when is the optimum time to dip into Raja Ampat? Generally, it is from October to April when there is rain, and the seas are at their calmest. This being said, Raja Ampat really does not have an offseason. The water and air temperatures and underwater visibility are excellent all year round. When you are in an environment, a rain shower or two cannot possibly spoil your trip.